The Reality of You


“You have made us for yourself, and our heart is restless until it rests in You.” ~Augustine

There is a Lover of your soul, and before you were so gently hidden within your mother’s womb, He had a design for you, a purpose solely for your life that was unique and unlike any other persons. I would like to believe that before He placed you in your mother’s womb He held you, He spoke to this tiny sliver of light (your spirit) and called you forth in a destiny unlike anybody else’s. He LOVES you, His eye is upon you! He made a way for you through your mother and your father to come into this world to fulfill your God given purpose and to bring glory to HIM.

Now there too is someone who desperately hates humanity, and every birth is a threat to him, he slithers along trying to foul up destinies, he hisses at the thought of our success, he would love nothing more than to see all of us as miserable as he is, rejected, cast down, unliked by God and men, willing to be dejected into the pit with him. He sets snares and traps before us hoping and praying we will fall in and better yet take others down too. He whispers so jealousy in our ears that one would think that Emperor Palpatine taught him a thing or two about dark Jedi mind tricks.

Thusly we are born into an unseen war, one side Holy, true, and good. The other spews venom and hate in our general direction for what they fear we COULD become. Our hidden potential is both DANGEROUS and GLORIOUS. We are both a THREAT and a GREAT JOY. Have you had a hard life? Have you ever wondered why? I’m hoping this may shed light in some areas, Ready….? Here we go!

In school, I had to write an essay on inhumane experiments that caused laws to be forever set in place to guide the way research is conducted. One such research was known as the Monster Study, it was done in 1939 to Twenty-two orphans in Iowa to see if they could get non-stutterers to start stuttering. The group was split into two a control group and an experimental group. If you were in the control group you were lucky for what was about to be unleashed on the experimental group left life altering effects on the victims of the study. The goal of the study was to see if negative reinforcement could get an individual to stutter, the lead lied to the children’s caretakers and teachers and told them that if they heard a child slip up in their reading or in their speech they were to draw attention to it point out their flaw (mishap) and lecture on them and told them to focus on their language before they spoke to make sure every word was perfect and flawless, in six months eight out of nine non-stutterers stuttered so badly they had stopped speaking almost completely and those who stuttered worsened and were emotionally shut down. At the end of the study the “scientist” collected their data and moved on to do other research but failed to reinstruct the teachers and the caretakers to stop correcting and lecturing the children; those poor 11 were left with lifelong emotional and psychological abuse done at the hands of those put in place to protect them.

Does any of this ring a bell yet? Let me further divulge truth.

The enemy of our souls has set up little bombs of Negative reinforcements in our lives, ones so specific to each of our callings; he has tried to count you out time and time again. He whispers those words so repetitiously in your ear hoping to you will catch on to his negative reinforced lies. You look in the mirror, and he whispers “I’m ugly. Look at those thin lips, too thin, look at those freckles and that nose, too bad my eyes aren’t blue.” We walk away wounded in that moment and don’t even realize the damage done and the foothold being established, we fall for his lie… HOOK, LINE, and SINKER… we let them permeate the essence of who we were created to be. He even uses our peers and the media to create these ravines so deep that we feel flawed within, and marred on the outside. We think we need to be thinner, tanner, blonder, more muscular, taller, drive better cars, and we are hooked, we spend our life in pursuit of a happiness but the happiness isn’t real, it’s like the perpetual carrot dangling over our heads and we fall for it, forever focused on what could be better and we forget HIM. The one who before He placed us on earth, held us and spoke destiny to us. We leave HIM behind in hopes of the sweetest biggest carrot we could try to catch. And sadly we start to resent HIM for making us so flawed, we turn away angry at what HE has done to us (and we don’t even know it), He who is perfect and only creates beauty. Our Negative reinforcements ensnare, and get us to forfeit what is rightfully ours for lies, and the walls become so high that we doubt all those that God has placed around us who call us beautiful and Handsome. We take it in and think if you only knew the real me, you wouldn’t……Go ahead finish it I know it’s there, or it has been in the past. And if it is there then you know that somewhere you fell hard into the assignment placed against you at birth. It’s time to see the grace you have forfeited, it’s time to see the assignment set against you and to start agreeing with HIM and not with him it’s time to tell the snake and his lies to go, fall out of agreement with them they are not you.

You are not who the world says you are, you are not who your co-workers say you are, you are not even who your pastor and church says you are. YOU are who HE says you are. Do you even know what HE says you are? Do you read it and believe it or is it for everyone else, a fairytale too good to be true? Let HIM pour into you, Let HIM speak destiny to your spirit once again, Let your eyes see once again that moment when HE held you in HIS throne room, so small, so bright, so eager to do, take it in your calling, your life’s work, all the joy, all the goodness of the Lord, let your little lights heart swell with the love of the Father, see yourself shining brighter for HIS GLORY, refocus your life, grab on to the grace that is so new every morning…and let the rest go, see it falling like a ton of bricks as you climb higher the mountain of God

Now dear reader this is where I leave you, with new understanding, Perspective, better equipping, sharper tools against the devices that ensnare and a bright shining destiny refocused before you, let HIM reign, believe that you are perfect, there is no flaw within the vessel He has made.

With love,


FOOTNOTE:Dyer, J.(2001). Ethics and Orphans, the Monster Study.Mercury News, Stanford University.Retrieved: 3/23/14. From:


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