The Holy Decreating One


Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. Genesis 1:2

Before there was anything there was Him, He hovered over our formless Earth and Spoke it into existence, He called every living thing into existence, He made us in His image, to guard, to govern, to protect, and to create just like Him. He fellowshipped with man, had face to face relationships even through our sin He stayed made clothes for us and loved us unconditionally through the flaws…

But then man forgot God, and the world turned away from Him, man became dutiful to his own desires and God became grieved at all man had done. Man had no time for the Creator, and starting creating his own agenda and putting Gods agenda off for his own. But God saw Noah, and knew that the answer was to start over again.

Noah built the Ark, Noah was mocked, it had never rained before, and what was a boat? A boat had never been made before, surely this man is crazy, hearing from God whom had been missing for quite some time now….But yet there was Noah forever obedient, forever building that fateful ark. And then Animals came, two by two, and some came with more as per Gods decree. And the families loaded onto the ship and waited as the water poured down, and it did for Forty days and forty nights.

One would like to think that maybe there was a place where Noah and his family watch the earth become decreated, where they watched God rip the Earth down to Genesis 1:2, where waters and only water covered the Earth. How sorrowful would they be, how fearful would that have been? God is God true but will He really restore things to how they were or will we die out here? I cannot help but to think what would be racing through the minds of those who sat in that destined ark for all those days of downpour.

It took God Six days to create the world and forty days and nights to decreate it, and then a year to recreate it again into what He needed it to be, He redesigned the Earth radically for His purpose and not man’s… How many times have we seen this in our own lives, how many times have we faced a storm and asked God what He was doing through all of this? The answer lies with Noah and the flood, He is decreating you…He is taking apart what man has put together inside of you, due to damage, ill-treatment, pride, anger, abuse, bitterness, unforgiveness (it’s your slot to fill what has been done).

There are times in every Christians life where God specifically unravels and decreates what has been created inside of our hearts, places that have not been yielded to Him, places that hurt or rage against others and Him, He uses life to flood those places and to forever change us, He takes us down until we (at times) do not even recognize who we are anymore, and he recreates us for His intended purpose.

Dear Reader, this is where I leave you, if you are in the thick of it, wondering why, this is why…He loves you, His eyes is upon you, He wants to forever change you to be more effective, a sharpened arrow that flies High and true, one that will hit the mark and go the distance…One that yielded itself to the Master’s Hand.

With Love,



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